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5 Reasons Why Apprenticeships Providers Should Blog Regularly

As a provider of Apprenticeships, your website is key to attracting interest from potential students and employers. To maximise the number of quality leads your website generates, it should absolutely feature a regularly updated blog. Here’s why:

A Blog Boosts Your Site’s Visibility & Search Rankings

Firstly, a blog increases the visibility of your website.  Search engine algorithms favour websites that are frequently updated. So to be effective, post to your blog regularly. Segment your market and target them with tailored blogs. Write about the choices available to school leavers considering their next steps. Or the challenges faced by employers looking to expand their workforce. Or careers teachers tasked with informing pupils about options at 16. Include keywords that your audience use when searching online for information about Apprenticeships.

If your blog posts are useful, frequent and contain the right keywords, your website will rank highly in searches.

A Blog Helps Your Website Rank for Trending Search Terms

Different keywords and phrases trend at different times in the year. For example at GCSE results time, people may use search phrases like Options After GCSEs or Poor GCSE Results. These trending words and phrases might not feature in the main content of your website. But you can include them in a blog post. It’s an easy way of slipping in new keywords to your website to get it noticed by search engines. Regular blogging keeps your SEO healthy.

Keep Regular Readers Engaged & Build A Community

Insightful learning providers blog to inform and support existing clients, not just to sell courses and training to new ones. This builds customer loyalty, especially important for repeat business from employers. Make sure you pick blog topics that are useful to your current apprentices and their employers. In addition, remember to blog regularly so that they visit often.

To Show You Are Experts

The Apprenticeships landscape moves fast. Show your employers and apprentices you’re up to date with everything – use your blog as a vehicle. Write confidently about Apprenticeships and the industry sectors you offer training in. It’s a great way of building up a knowledgeable and reliable reputation. It makes new clients more likely to choose you over a competitor.

A Regular Blog Shows The Business Is Active

Don’t let website visitors think you’ve gone into hibernation! Some companies spend money developing a website then make no content changes. Visitors tend to check the last time a website was updated by looking the most recent blog date. Consequently, if you don’t blog for a while, at best it will make your business seem amateur and unreliable. At worst, it will give the impression that your company isn’t operating anymore!


Writing regular blogs takes time each month. It requires specific skills including creativity, research skills and of course perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation. Make sure your blogs are up to professional standard. A poorly written blog on your website can be as bad as having no blog!

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