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Mapped Out– From printed poster to mobile app

Mapped Out is a detailed listing of Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Study Programmes and other training opportunities for 16-18 year olds. It’s sorted by industry, job type, location and training programme.  The concept began as a printed directory; Scribe has developed it through to a multi-platform resource and reference tool for 16 to 18 year olds looking for training opportunities in Liverpool.

Phase 1: The Printed Directory

Initially, Mapped Out was created as a printed directory only, a fold-out poster distributed primarily to schools and careers advisors. It quickly became an indispensable tool for those responsible for referring young people to Apprenticeships or other programmes.

Whilst the Mapped Out directory became an extensively used, go-to resource for referral agencies, there were 2 main drawbacks to the printed version:

  • Keeping listings up to date – due to the nature of changing course availability, the printed directory would inevitably start going out of date as more courses became available over time or others ceased to run
  • The administrative burden of collating all course information from the providers of courses was labour intensive and expensive.

These 2 factors led to the development of phase 2 – Mapped Out Online

Phase 2: Mapped Out Online

With the success of the printed directory in hand, and plenty of user data to influence the features of the product, Mapped Out Online was developed – a dynamic online search tool, allowing young people to search for courses themselves. The main features of this online version of Mapped Out are:

  • Login area for training providers to quickly and easily upload their own course information and contact details. This has eliminated the need for the client to collate this data, cutting administrative costs in the long run, and ensuring course listings are correct and up to date.
  • An ‘advanced search’ function so users can now filter results in a very specialised way, isolating exactly what they were looking for.

Mapped Out is continually being adapted to meet the changing needs of the audience group. Since implementation, Mapped Out has grown to include a Keyword Search, allowing users to type their query into a box and quickly find relevant providers.

We launched Mapped Out Online supported by a marketing campaign including google search advertising and social media to target 16 to 18 year olds.

Phase 3: The Mapped Out Mobile App

The client wanted a way to reach even more young people online. With the majority of 16-18 year olds now owning a smartphone or a tablet, it made sense for this to be the next stage for Mapped Out.

Since the introduction of the app, young people have constant access to a valuable information resource. Our previously collected data and discussions with young people indicate they need time to explore their options and decide on the best route; many users of the website and printed directory will return several times to find out information. The app makes this process much easier and quicker, as it’s downloaded and kept on the phone or tablet of the user.

Whilst operating in a different platform, the Mapped Out App uses the same member portal information as the online version, which means course providers only need to make edits in one place. These are then applied to both the mobile app and online site.

More About Mapped Out

The app currently gives school leavers details of Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Study Programmes and other training in 30 different industries including key sectors such as engineering, electrical, computing and marketing.

The app is tailored for young people in Liverpool and surrounding areas which is where the client GMLPF operates.

For more information about Mapped Out, or to enquire about how Scribe can help you with your business’ needs, contact us now.

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